On Sunday April 20th, the Great South Bay Society conducted a “surgical” extraction of some dangerous objects in the waterways as well as an eyesore that has existed on the bay for many years. The conditions were very rough and challenging. However, with all of the planning that went into constructing some of the equipment, a delay was not possible.

The group of 15 people, split into two working teams with one focusing on a large accumulation of tires on the Grouts (south of Tanner Park). They managed to pull 50+ tires and bring them back to shore. Although they nearly had one garbage boat sink on the way back, they were able to get this done quite quickly.

The other group, working with a barge and a custom built gantry crane, went to three places and pulled six engine blocks from the water. The equipment held together very well and effortlessly pulled these objects from the water. I think it instilled enough confidence in us to try it again next year, as I know of at least six other engine blocks.

In the end, it was a very successful and challenging day. Quite a few people helped in many ways over the weekend. We'd like to thank them and also: the Town of Babylon for the dumpster; Rich Ubert for helping us obtain some of the rigging equipment; Randy Ronback for the use of the Barge; Al and Tom Holdof for helping us erect the crane; Pat Rooney for donning his dry-suit and getting into the water; Gene Nifenecker for transporting the barge around the bay; Steve Brice for the use of the boatyard; and all of those that pitched in to help out over the two days.

Thank you all for the support that you've given us. We look forward to getting you information about the annual Fall cleanup.